Xeriscaping in Leander, TX

Xeriscapes are being installed throughout the greater Leander, TX area. Hill Country Bobcat Service offers complete Hardscape and Xeriscaping services.

Xeriscaping refers to a type of gardening or landscaping that reduces the water usage required to maintain your lawn or commercial property. We can offer you a unique and beautiful landscape design that is best suited to your family or commercial xeriscaping needs in Leander, TX.

Leander, TX Xeriscaping Advantages:

  • Lowers water consumption
  • Increases water supply for community use
  • Less Lawn Maintenance
  • Xeriscaping takes advantage of rainfall retention
  • Money Savings!
  • A beautiful and unique lawn/landscape

We offer Xeriscaping, Hardscapes, Land Clearing, Rural/Ranch Irrigation, Debris Removal & more!

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